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Name:Zidane Tribal
Birthdate:May 18

"I just wanna protect the people I'm with.
Doesn't matter whether I can or not. It's what I believe in."

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Type: Weapon
Partner: None

@ [community profile] mayfield_rpg
Real name: Zidane Tribal
Mayfield name: Zidane Bane
Father: Magus Bane
Mother: Drone
Siblings: Calleo Crowe ('Brother')
Pet: Twilight Sparkle
Mayfield Occupation: High school student, Boy Scout Troop Leader

Zidane Tribal is played by [personal profile] daisy_the_mage1. Zidane and Final Fantasy IX are the property of Square Enix. Mun does this for shits and giggles and not for profit.

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acting, adelbert steiner, airship cruises, amarant coral, babes, baku, beating up guards, being jesusy, being nice, being pwned by girls, benero, blank, cheap pub food, chocobos, cinna, cravats, crushing on a princess, dagger, dagger is the best, eiko carol, facepalming at quina, freya crescent, genero, girls, having a badass tail, helping people, kicking levers, laaaadies, marcus, mikoto, not angel of death, not being angsty, not being squall, quina quen, ruby, scratching my butt, slamming into barriers, stealing, stealing guards clothes, stfu garland, tantalus, the world's greatest bandit, thievery, trance, vivi orinitier, zenero
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