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You know the drill. Tell me how I can improve Zidane. Or if I'm being a shitty person for whatever reason. You can also PM me if you want or plurk me at daisythesorceress. I'm not picky.

Oh, and you can also use this post for plotting purposes if you want!

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>Player Information

Name/Alias: Emily/Daisy
Player Journal: [personal profile] daisy_the_mage1
Contact: daisythesorceress at Plurk
Timezone: Central European Summer Time
HMD: http://ohlookboobs.dreamwidth.org/1196.html
Already In-game: Nope!

Character Information

Name: Zidane Tribal
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Canonpoint: Before entering Terra.
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Description: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y71/Emmy19/zidane%20tribal_zpssakcwmkh.png

Because he's a humanoid, I guess that he mostly looks the same except his tail is temporarily gone? Which will annoy the shit out of him.

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Nov. 12th, 2014 04:12 pm
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You have reached Zidane, the greatest actor and most handsome guy in the entire world! If you are a cute lady then drop me a line. If you're not then sorry but I think you've got the wrong inbox.

[It's all right, guys, he's kidding.]
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 Yo! It looks like you've just missed me so just leave a message and I'll get back to ya ASAP!
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[Character Name] Zidane Tribal
[Canon] Final Fantasy IX
[Point Taken from Canon] Between when he saves Kuja at the Iifa Tree and when he is reunited with Dagger.

[Age] 16
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Straight.

[Eye Color] Green
[Hair Color] Blond
[Height] Hahahahaha going on a limb and saying about 4'5ish? So yeah, short. Everyone in FF IX is like that, ok?
[Other] There is no way you can miss the tail. Seriously.
[Clothing] Optional. Brief description or link to an image will work~

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Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: No problem.
Fourthwalling: Tell him the future? Sure. Say she's from a video game? I'm not sure about that.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Ask me first?

Hugging this character: Fine! Zidane's a pretty friendly person and likes hugs. He'll be "WTF?" if he doesn't know you, though.
Kissing this character: Not off-limits but ask first. He's in love with a girl in canon.
Flirting with this character: LOL go ahead! He likes girls and will flirt with them. Guys, he'll be weirded out if they hit on him but he can handle it.
Fighting with this character: Sure!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Ask first!
Killing this character: Not off-limits but ask me first!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead!
Sex: Sorry but no. Same for non-con. Well - especially not non-con.

Character triggers/sad buttons/what you shouldn't mention around him/etc: To be elaborated when I app him.

Sex life: Ttly a virgin even though he'll sometimes pretend he's not, depending on who he meets.

Also, a warning note: Zidane is a 16 year-old boy who flirts with girls a lot. He won't hit on children (if Eiko's of any indication) but he has canonically hit on women who are significantly older than him. And while I won't let him do anything too extreme, he can be a wee bit perverted (not in a creeper way but more in a dumb reckless way).

Therefore, if Zidane's behaviour in any way, makes you uncomfortable? Please let me know and I will accommodate!
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IDGAF if you copy/paste this in your journals for canon-reviewing. It's not as if I wrote the script, anyway! Hahahaha.

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- Genome body (sans tail)
- Tail

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What it says on the tin. Let me know here if Zidane is allowed to steal from your character. He is more likely to steal from obnoxious people (especially if they are rich), just to be a troll. Maybe from a couple of his friends if he feels like annoying them or proving a point (although he'll give their stuff back in that case!) - unless they're too nice and sweet to piss off.

Obviously, if I want him to steal something, I will ask again for your permission.

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Tsuruhime - Eiko's former partner and one of Zidane's flatmates. She's a friendly girl and Zidane would like to spend more time with her. Now that Eiko has left, Zidane knows that it has left a pretty big impact on Tsuruhime and will want to be there for her whenver she can. ;_;

Colette Brunel -  Colette is a sweet, kind, friendly and cute girl who showed Zidane how to use the communicator. He would like to get to know her a bit better! He has also discovered that she has wings, which does not seem, well....common, even where she comes from. In a way, Zidane can relate as he knows what it is like to have something obviously different about you, be seen as ‘odd’ because of it and therefore feel completely alone in the world. He does not completely know about Colette's entire purpose in life, however, and....well, will have a lot of angry words to express that if he finds out. :/

Blair - Pretty, friendly and outgoing young woman whose company Zidane enjoys! Or rather, he doesn't mind the flirting as long as it doesn't go anything beyond that. Then he will back off. :/ Zidane has also been warned by Zelos that Blair is a rather....unique woman but he's not quite sure what the other guy means.

Zelos Wilder -

Chiika -

Orihime -

Nepeta -
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