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>Player Information

Name/Alias: Emily/Daisy
Player Journal: [personal profile] daisy_the_mage1
Contact: daisythesorceress at Plurk
Timezone: Central European Summer Time
HMD: http://ohlookboobs.dreamwidth.org/1196.html
Already In-game: Nope!

Character Information

Name: Zidane Tribal
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Canonpoint: Before entering Terra.
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Description: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y71/Emmy19/zidane%20tribal_zpssakcwmkh.png

Because he's a humanoid, I guess that he mostly looks the same except his tail is temporarily gone? Which will annoy the shit out of him.

History: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Zidane_Tribal
Previous Game History: N/A

Personality: Zidane is probably one of the kindest people you will ever meet! He is always willing to help anyone who is in need – even if that person is somebody he does not like very much. Are you in danger? Zidane will put his own life at risk to save you. Are you feeling down? Zidane will always be there for you and while he won’t force you to tell him your problems, he will try and make you smile again, whether it involves saying a few words of encouragement, trying to distract you with fun to do (as he tried to take Dagger around town when she was feeling miserable to make her feel better, for example) or telling you not to think about it too much. As to why this boy helps people – well, there is no reason, really, beyond the fact that it doesn’t somehow feel right to abandon people. And why would he need a real reason, anyway?

Zidane is also friendly and outgoing, despite the fact that his thieving profession suggests otherwise. Unlike anti-social Final Fantasy heroes such as Cloud and Squall, Zidane enjoys hanging around with others and is not afraid to meet new people – especially women. If he spots an attractive girl, he will not stop himself from going up and flirting with her, even that girl already has a boyfriend.

All of this might suggest that Zidane is extremely simple-minded, shallow and stupid, which is actually far from the truth. This young thief can be surprisingly deep-thinking for his age. For most of his life, Zidane did not know where he came from or what race he was (Zidane was born with a tail) – the only thing he remembered about his birthplace was a blue light. For a long time, he longed for a real family and a home he could belong to and even once ran away from his adoptive father to find it (which ended in failure). Because of this, Zidane had a good idea how people like Vivi felt upon discovering creatures exactly like them for the first time.

None of this makes this makes Zidane a pure-hearted being, however. Being a working-class thief, he was not exactly brought up to be the best-behaved individual ever. Zidane swears occasionally, casually scratches his behind from time to time, can (and has been known to) make incredibly tactless comments (eg. being openly horrified at Regent’s appearance when he turned back into a human) and has no qualms about insulting people whom he does not get along with (such as Steiner).

Furthermore, while Zidane is perky, optimistic and generally pretty good at holding himself together when things get rough, he is not incapable of feeling sad. In fact, while this youth is very good at listening to other people’s problems, he is not so good at coming to people with his own. This is probably due to the fact that Zidane grew up as an ‘orphan’, feeling alone and out of place with everyone else in the world. Therefore, when he does become depressed, he actually becomes hugely pessimistic and either tries to avoid everyone so he can sulk alone or looks for something to distract himself from the problem (eg. when he felt that he no longer had a chance with Dagger because she was now queen, he went off to play cards in Treno instead of confronting her about his feelings). It will often take a huge lecture from somebody else to get him to pull his act together and become his bright and cheerful old self again. Don’t forget that Zidane is sixteen years old – he may be mature in some ways but he still has a lot of growing up to do in the confiding in others department.

Personality Changes: N/A

Abilities: Zidane is a thief and an actor, having grown up in Tantalus. He can steal, lie and beat up guards so he can steal their clothes.

Zidane also has some superpower ability called Trance which is activated when he is hit enough times. With this ability, he becomes a super glowing pink furry thing and he is able to unleash all sorts of super attacks.

Oh, and he also has the ability to read some weird alien language from a dead planet (this is in sense a superpower since Zidane initially has no idea how he is able to read this language – it was probably programmed into him when he was created). I highly doubt this ability is going to be relevant in Inugami, though.

Finally, being a Genome, Zidane has a long and prehensile monkey-like tail. He can use it to hang onto things like beams when he is trying to escape.

Character Information
First Person Sample: http://mayfield-rpg.dreamwidth.org/228102.html?thread=24261382#cmt24261382
Third Person Sample: Zidane managed to drag the shivering girl under the shelter. The doors were locked and that was really annoying but at least there was some space for them to keep dry. A cold place, mind you.

Speaking of cold, Zidane noticed that girl’s teeth was chattering violently. Man, she could catch a cold in this weather. And he wasn’t going to have that. She was soaking wet! Well, so was he but that didn’t matter. He could handle it! Or, he was going to try and handle it anyway until the school doors opened.
So he just smiled and took off his sweater vest, giving it to the girl. “Hey, don’t worry about me,” he assured her, grinning. “I can handle this sort of thing. I don’t get colds easily – ACHOOOO!”
“Ahh…are you all right?” the girl asked, worried.

Zidane just laughed to shrug the whole thing off. “Ah, that was nothing – ACHOO!” When the girl frowned at him, he just gave her a nonchalant smile. “Trust me, I’m fine," he lied. He didn't want to make her worry. "Besides, I don’t want to see a pretty girl like you freeze to death.”

He was saying this to cheer her up. Really, he was. And she was quite cute, which was a huge bonus for him. However, he didn’t expect her to throw his sweater vest at his face. His soaking wet sweater.

Maybe trying to hit on a girl when she was in trouble wasn’t always the best idea.


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