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 - When Zidane was first found by Baku, he was a lot like the other Genomes in the sense that he did not display a lot of emotions or talk a lot. He was, however, a very curious child and, like a lot of children, copied the actions of others around him (at one point, trying to mimic Baku's laugh, which the other Tantalus members found pretty funny. Baku not so much). But eventually Zidane had developed his own lively personality by the age of six or so - being cheeky and rebellious, etc. 
- Yes, Zidane is short. About 4'5 or so (I BLAME YUFF FOR THIS)? He's not actually that bothered about his height (and claims that his looks make up for it) unless you say he looks too young for his age (Zidane has received more monkey insults than height ones). 
- Does not like bananas. In case people want to make monkey banana jokes at him (he'll just roll his eyes at those ones). 
- He likes olives and anchovies. 
- Zidane taught himself to cook when he ran away from home at the age of thirteen. He's pretty terrible at it though and does not have a very big range of recipes. 
- Zidane used to have a lot of dreams about finding his birthplace and his parents. Unfortunately, those dreams did continue for a short while after he discovered that he was a Genome and it sucked but he tried not to let them get to him. Thankfully, those dreams don't come anymore.
- None of Zidane's girlfriends before Dagger have lasted any more than two, occasionally three, dates.
- Zidane was home-schooled by Baku. 
- He plays a little of the violin but is still only learning it and doesn't take it up as a serious hobby. 
- Because he was raised in Tantalus (under a boss with a stiff upper lip), Zidane hardly ever cries. It's not impossible for him to cry but most of the time, he just sulks. Or, in most extreme cases, refuses to talk.  


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