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Cryptic Old Man on Terra

Zidane: "Could this be...Terra? What's this light? Could it be...!?"

[Sudden appearance of Garland Cryptic Old Man]

Old Man: "So you finally came. The time has come at last... The one who folds time is here."

Zidane: "Who the heck are you!?"

Old Man: "Ask my name, will you? Then let us ask...What is your name?"

Zidane: "Me!? My name is-"

Old Man: "What is your name?"

Zidane: "Hey, what's your problem!? I'm trying to tell you my name."

Old Man: "So you believe a given name has meaning...Boy, you have been bewitched by the light of the blue moon."

Zidane: "What do you know? You must be from Terra."

Old Man: "You know nothing, and that is all. Come and see for yourself... See what Terra is, and what you are..."

[The Old Man teleports out of here]

Zidane: "H-Hey, hang on! He's gone..."

Dagger passes out in Bran Bal

Zidane: "What the heck...? What is this place?"

Dagger: "It looks really artificial. So different than before."

Zidane: "Yeah... But it doesn't seem very lively."

[The Mysterious Girl walks on screen and goes up the steps]

Mysterious Girl: "Welcome home."

Zidane: "!?"

Mysterious Girl: "This is where you belong. The place to which you shall offer yourself... ...is here."

Zidane: "Hold on a second! What the heck are you talking about!?"
[The ground shakes] Wh-What the-"

[Pretty FMV of Invincible appears and Dagger faints]

"Dagger! Wake up! Dagger! Dammit! What the heck is going on!?"

[Screen fades and weird voice suddenly speaks]

"You are completely oblivious. Just like a newborn child. You don't know why you were given life, or for what purpose you exist... You simply shout to emphasize your life...your own existence. You are completely oblivious."

In the Underground Laboratory - Zidane finds test tube Zidane lookalikes and discovers his origins

Zidane: "Oh, so that's what's going on... Geez, I should've guessed...
        So, that is what you wanted to show me?"

Girl: "Yes. I am glad you understand."

Zidane: "I don't wanna understand! Sorry, but I'm not like that. I
        mean all these guys with tails, who look just like me...
        They're a bunch of zombies."

Girl: "They are my peers. We are Genomes. We live in this village."

Zidane: "Genomes? Is that what they're called?"

Girl: "Not just them, but you and me, too. It is the name of the seed
      given to all of us. Its name is Genome."

Zidane: "Talk about a let-down. Who would've guessed that the home
        I've yearned for would be a dump like this. No wonder I never
        found it. It's not even on Gaia!"

Girl: "Why are you not happy? You have returned to the place of your

Zidane: "Happy? You guys can process that emotion? Look at 'em! Look
        at all their blank faces!"

Girl: "What can we do? After all, we are made that way. And we are
      built to watch over each other and work together as soulless

Zidane: "What's it all for!? Get to the point already! How come I grew
        up on Gaia if I was born here!? I'm alive! I have a soul! Why
        is everyone here so..."

Girl: "Because you are...special."

Zidane: "What!?"

Girl: "We are mere vessels. You have been given a greater purpose. The
      will of Garland is absolute..."

Zidane: "Garland? Who's that?"

[They go upstairs]

Girl: "Garland watches over this planet. His mission is to restore the
      people of Terra."

Zidane: "R-Restore the people of Terra? You mean people besides these
        guys here?"

Girl: "They are merely vessels. So am I, and so are you. But the true
      people of Terra have been asleep for ages, waiting for their
      time to come. When the time is right, the light of this planet
      will change from blue to red, and Gaia will become Terra."

Zidane: "Wait a sec! So the people of Terra are out to take over Gaia!?"

Girl: "What else can there be? Terra has always absorbed new planets
      to survive. And when the time comes, the souls of the people of
      Terra will occupy the Genomes. Such is the restoration of the
      people of Terra."

Zidane: "Why do they have to be so tedious!? Why don't they just wipe
        us out with magic like they did Alexandria!?"

Girl: "Once, Garland tried to use a more forceful method, but failed."

Zidane: "Then he should just quit and leave Gaia alone!"

Girl: "Because of his failure, he was forced to wait a long time.
      ...To wait until Gaia's civilizations gained tremendous power:
      The power to use eidolons."

Zidane: "So that's why you attacked the summoner's village and
        destroyed Alexandria."

Girl: "Planets have a cycle of souls. Souls are born from the planet,
      and then return to it. Garland planned to gain control of that
      very cycle... ...and you were supposed to help him achieve that."

Zidane: "What!?"

Girl: "Garland is waiting for you. Come..."

[She leaves.]

Zidane: "What do you think you're doing!? I don't care about all this Terra and Gaia stuff!"

Luke, I am Your Father Garland's huge relelations at Pandemonium

Voice: "So, we meet again."

Zidane: "!?"

[Old man appears.]

Zidane: "Who are you!?"

Old Man: "Twelve years ago, I lost one of my most prized Genomes. I
         created him and sent him to Gaia to disrupt the cycle of
         souls there. You are that Genome... I am glad you have returned."

Zidane: "Shut up! Nobody tells me what to do! And I didn't come here
        to answer to you! Lemme guess... You must be Garland!"

Garland: "And what if I am?"

Zidane: "Then you're goin' down! But first, you're gonna tell me
        everything! Like, why did I grow up on Gaia, and why do you
        want to destroy it!?"

Garland: "I have no intention of destroying Gaia. I only wish to make
         Gaia into Terra."

Zidane: "What did you just say!?"

Garland: "Of course, not everything went as planned. You growing up on
         Gaia, for example. There is another one built as you were. He
         may be the one who threw a wrench into my gears."

Zidane: "He!? Who the heck are you talking about!?"

Garland: "Someone you know quite well. Follow me... The time when the
         aura of Gaia will turn to the crimson glow of Terra has not
         yet come. I may need your help anyway."

[Garland disappears. Zidane follows him.]

Zidane: "Stop! Now, tell me everything!"

Garland: "I constructed the Genomes to be vessels for the souls of the
         people of Terra when they awaken. But 24 years ago, I gave
         life to a Genome that was very much like you. His will was too
         strong to make him into a proper vessel, and I even considered
         discarding him. But then I thought that I should put his
         strength to use. I sent that Genome as my servant, to disrupt
         the cycle of souls on Gaia."

Zidane: "Yeah, so tell me who he is already."

Garland: "Do you not yet know? You and he are so very much alike."

Zidane: "Alike? I've never met anyone like me..."

Garland: "You judge only be appearances. I mean someone with a soul
         similar to yours. The one I sent to Gaia might also be called
         your brother... And his name is Kuja."

Zidane: "Kuja!? He's a Genome!? Impossible! He doesn't even have a

Garland: "He is only hiding it. He denies his own identity. He rejects
         the meaning of his own existence and tries to assert his own
         individuality. Don't you see the resemblance?"

Zidane: "Shut up! I'm not like him at all!"

Garland: "He said the same thing when speaking about the other Genomes:
         'I'm not like these guys. His ambition was unbecoming of a Genome, but it was perfect
         for the mission I gave him. To bring war and chaos to Gaia...
         That was what I sent him to do. To induce an unnaturally
         chaotic flow."

Zidane: "So then, why--"

Garland: "The disruption of the flow of souls is best brought about
         by war. And what he did for me far exceeded my greatest

Zidane: "What about me!? How did I end up on Gaia?"

Garland: "When you received the gift of life in Bran Bal, Kuja could
         not bear it. He could not bear to see a Genome with more
         power than his own; he felt threatened. Kuja discarded you.
         He dropped you onto Gaia, the world he would destroy."

Zidane: "So I was to be slave, just like Kuja, to start a war on Gaia?"

Garland: "That is correct. I did not expect Kuja to abandon you, but I
         believed it was his nature. And to him, bringing war to Gaia
         would prove his victory over you. Perhaps it is because of
         his desire to justify his existence that he let you live as

Zidane: "So, that is why the blood of thousands had to be spilled?"

Garland: "Are you referring to Kuja's ambition? Or to our plan to
         disrupt the cycle of souls?"

Zidane: "Both! And what exactly do you gain by disrupting that cycle
        of souls, or whatever..."

Garland: "We must sort the souls. I want to disrupt Gaia's cycle and
         drain its souls, filling the void with the souls of Terra. To
         speed the cycle of souls is to speed the work as a whole. Thus,
         war... And in time... Gaia's souls are gone, and Gaia becomes

Zidane: "But...how!?"

Garland: "You saw it with your own eyes. You saw the Iifa Tree and
         the Mist it emits. The role of the Iifa Tree is that of Soul
         Divider. The Mist you see comprises the stagnant souls of

Zidane: "Oh yeah? But we stopped the Mist! So much for that!"

Garland: "All you saw was the back of the tree... Even now, the Iifa
         Tree blocks the flow of Gaia's souls, while it lets those of
         Terra flow freely. Come and see for yourself. See the true
         form of this planet."

[Next screen, you see picture of Gaia.]

Zidane: "What is this?"

Garland: "Think of it as an observatory. A place to measure the radiance
         of Gaia and Terra."

Zidane: "What are you talking about? And what is this weird light?"

Garland: "That is the center of the planet. The end and the beginning
         of the cycle of souls. The light remains Gaia's for now, but
         when the blue changes to crimson, all will belong to Terra,
         and its restoration will be complete. That is why I wrapped
         up the light in the Iifa Tree, to prevent the cycle of the
         judgment of souls on Gaia from inside the planet. Such is the
         Iifa Tree's true purpose, its true form. All you saw was its
         material form. The flow of Gaia's souls cannot be changed by
         stopping the disposal of the Mist."

Zidane: "So...Kuja is just an angel of death who sends souls to the
        Tree of Iifa."

Garland: "Yes, my angel of death. But only until you came of age."

Zidane: "What do you mean!?"

Garland: "His soul is not eternal... I was going to create you next,
         after all."

Zidane: "You mean you won't need Kuja's soul once I grow stronger than

Garland: "Precisely... Soon, that time will come."

Zidane: "..."

Garland: "Well...now you should be fully aware of the meaning of your
         existence... !?"

[Zidane disappears and then reappears to face Garland.]

Zidane: "Yeah, I'm aware of all the laughter, all the tears I've shared
        with the people I grew up with on Gaia."

Garland: "Forget all that. You are destined to live among the stars
         for all eternity. You have the power, the position, and the
         motive to do it."

Zidane: "I wouldn't want that kind of power...if I only had a place to
        call home... My brothers in Tantalus, Vivi, Freya, Amarant,
        Quina, Steiner, Eiko, and...Dagger... My home is with them in
        Gaia! If you say I have a motive, then it's to punish all of
        you who brought pain to my friends! I'll destroy Terra! That's
        reason enough for my birth here as a Genome!"

Garland: "Regrettable... I thought your soul would be perfect for a
         new angel of death..."

Zidane: "I AM the new angel of death! Yours!!!"

Garland: "Don't you know what it means to meet your maker?"

Zidane: "Shut up! I've heard enough of your crap! I'm taking you out,
        right here, right now!"

Garland: "Foolishness..."

Mysterious Voice: The body becomes a vessel, which greets a new soul...

Zidane: "What's happening!?"


Garland: "He's too good to make into a regular Genome... But I have
         no choice."

You're Not Alone Scene

Zidane: "Who am I? I don't know anything. I cannot think at all."

Voice: "Zidane!"

Zidane: "Yeah... I was called that once. Many people called me that."

Eiko: "You always have to show off, don't you?"

Zidane: "Yeah, maybe I do."

Steiner: "Why, you worthless mendicant!"

Zidane: "Yep... Sounds about right."

Freya: "How very becoming of you."

Zidane: "Becoming of me...?"

Vivi: "I really learned a lot by traveling with you, Zidane."

Zidane: "Yeah, right. I have nothing to teach..."

Quina: "You teach me many things more important than tasty munchies."

Zidane: "No! I don't know anything!"

Amarant: "You call that friendship?"

Zidane: "Friendship... Friendship...?"

Dagger: "Zidane!"

Zidane: "I don't know...who I am..."

Dagger: "You were always there for me, Zidane..."

Zidane: "I'm so... tired..."

Dagger: "How come you're always so...?"

Zidane: "I... I am...an...empty...vessel..."

Voice: "Zidane!"

Zidane: "Who?"

Voice: "Wake up, Zidane!"

Zidane: "Who...?"

Voice: "Come on, Zidane, wake up!

[Zidane wakes up and finds Eiko and Vivi watching over him]

Zidane: "Ow..."

Vivi: "Zidane!"

Zidane: "Vivi... Eiko..."

Eiko: "Thank goodness, you're alive! We thought you were dead!"

Zidane: "Oh... I..."

Vivi: "We were so worried! Why did you come here all by yourself?"

Zidane: "What...are you doing here?"

Vivi: "Huh? We came to save you, of course..."

Eiko: "And it wasn't easy! You went off all alone!"

[Zidane gets up and starts to leave.]

Zidane: "Leave me alone..."

Eiko: "Huh?"

Zidane: "This has nothing to do with you."

Vivi: "Oh, come on!"

Eiko: "There he goes, being the tough guy... Look, Zidane... It's not
      just about you."

Vivi: "Come on, Zidane... Don't be like that. Let's--"

Zidane: "Shut up! Just shut up, you stupid brat!"

[Zidane leaves and a gate stops the others from following him]

Vivi: "Zidane!?"

Eiko: "Zidane..."

Zidane: "..."

Eiko: "Zidane, wait up!"

Vivi: "You need rest, Zidane!"

Zidane: "Will you little twits just shut up! There are some things
        kids can't understand."

[Zidane is attacked by an Amdusias, but defeats it. Amarant and Freya
show up and help him.]

Freya: "How foolish of you to go alone."

Zidane: "..."

Amarant: "Damn hypocrite. Always talking about friendship, when you're
         nothing but a selfish loner."

Zidane: "I can take care of myself."

Freya: "Come back, Zidane!"

Amarant: "..."

[Zidane enters next room.]

Zidane: "!?"

[Steiner and Quina are fighting a monster.]

Steiner: "Ngwah!"

Quina: "Aiya!"

Steiner: "I will not be defeated so easily!"

Quina: "Now I mad! I cook you good!"

Zidane: "Steiner...Quina... What are you doing..."

Steiner: "Have at thee!!!"

Quina: "Taste this!!!"

[They all fight and kill monster]

Steiner: "Hmph! What an unworthy opponent!"

Quina: "Zidane, you no can leave us! I still want you take me place
       have lots good food!"

Steiner: "And I have not yet concluded whether or not you are the
         right man for Her Highness, mind you!"

Zidane: "Just...leave me alone. I don't want to trouble you anymore."

Quina: "..."

Steiner: "..."

[Zidane leaves and finds himself all alone in another room]

Zidane: "You're all a bunch of babysitting bastards! But trust me, I
        know that I'm the worst bastard here."

[Zidane is attacked by another monster and injured but Dagger comes to his rescue and they beat it]

Zidane: "Dagger..."

Dagger: "You try to do everything yourself, don't you?"

Zidane: "Try to understand... I don't want to cause trouble to anyone."

Dagger: "Aren't we your friends!?"

Zidane: "I want to think so! That's why I always... Look, I'm not from
        Gaia! I was just a hairbreadth from becoming the destroyer of
        Alexandria! I can't accept your friendship so easily!"

Dagger: "You've always protected us. But you still don't understand
        that we looked out for you, too! We watched your back while
        you watched ours. And we believed in you the same way you
        believed in us! Just like you protected us... We want to
        protect you."

Zidane: "Dagger..."

[Quina and Steiner burst in the room.]

Quina: "You say it! My master tell me, somebody give you tasties, you
       give them tasties, too. Is good manners! I still not cook you
       succulent frog yet, Zidane."

Zidane: "Quina..."

Steiner: "Chivalry requires a knight to look after his comrades-in-arms.
         I will not abandon you! And I shall follow you to kingdom come
         if I must. You remember that!"

Zidane: "Steiner... Ha... What am I gonna do with you guys?"

Steiner: "The feeling is mutual!"

Dagger: "Alright, let's go! Wait... Where are the four others?"

Zidane: "You don't think...they've been trapped?"

Quina: "Is possible..."

Steiner: "You should not have left them!"

Dagger: "That's right! I mean, really..."

Zidane: "Aww... I'm sorry. Let's head back... Together, this time!"

[They free the others]

Freya: "!?"

Vivi: "Zidane!"

Eiko: "Zidane! Why did you leave us!?"

Zidane: "I'm sorry... You were right... I need everyone's help."

Vivi: "Don't leave us again, okay?"

Zidane: "Never..."

Freya: "So, you've had a change of heart."

Amarant: "What a busy guy, coming and going all the time..."

Zidane: "Yeah, but not anymore. We have to stop Garland..."


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