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Tsuruhime - Eiko's former partner and one of Zidane's flatmates. She's a friendly girl and Zidane would like to spend more time with her. Now that Eiko has left, Zidane knows that it has left a pretty big impact on Tsuruhime and will want to be there for her whenver she can. ;_;

Colette Brunel -  Colette is a sweet, kind, friendly and cute girl who showed Zidane how to use the communicator. He would like to get to know her a bit better! He has also discovered that she has wings, which does not seem, well....common, even where she comes from. In a way, Zidane can relate as he knows what it is like to have something obviously different about you, be seen as ‘odd’ because of it and therefore feel completely alone in the world. He does not completely know about Colette's entire purpose in life, however, and....well, will have a lot of angry words to express that if he finds out. :/

Blair - Pretty, friendly and outgoing young woman whose company Zidane enjoys! Or rather, he doesn't mind the flirting as long as it doesn't go anything beyond that. Then he will back off. :/ Zidane has also been warned by Zelos that Blair is a rather....unique woman but he's not quite sure what the other guy means.

Zelos Wilder -

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