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Zidane has Dagger dreams.

Voice: "Zidane..."

Zidane: "Hmm...? Dagger?"

Voice: "Mr. Zidane..."

[Screen then shows Zidane fast asleep and a Lindblum soldier trying to wake him up]
Zidane: "Why are you calling me 'Mister' Zidane...?"

Soldier: "Mr. Zidane! Please get up!"

Zidane: "Oh, it was just a dream...What's up?"

Soldier: "Lady Hilda is calling a meeting. Please go to the conference room."

Zidane: "Okay. I just wish I could've dreamt a bit longer..."

Soldier: "Huh?"

Zidane: "Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it."

Regent Cid is human again

Zidane: "Who's that guy?"

Freya: "...it's Regent Cid."

Zidane: "WHAAAT!?"

Regent Cid:"...Still hasn't got any manners. Ribb-......Ahem! Still haven't learned your manners!"

Zidane: "You can stop the frog-talk now."

Regent Cid: "S-Silence! Ribbit!"

Zidane: "...Oh well."

Dagger cuts her hair

Zidane: "I've been looking for you, Dagger."

Dagger: "Zidane!"

Zidane: "You can talk again!?"

Dagger: [nods] "I...I've been thinking since... the disaster. I've been thinking that I have to become a queen and bring back peace to Alexandria. That's why I came back here, but... Can I stay with you guys for a while longer?"

Zidane: "Can I ask why?"

Dagger: "When my mother was still alive...My primary concern was how to talk and look like a princess. Those were the only things on my mind...That didn't change when my mother died and I was about to become a queen...I only thought about how to look and act like a queen. I don't think the people will accept me as their queen the way I am right now."

Zidane: "I don't know about that."

Dagger: "I have no right to rule over this country..."

Zidane: "Hmm...Oh, I almost forgot!Beatrix wanted me to give this to you."

[Zidane throws the garnet in to Dagger and she catches it]

Dagger: "Is this...a garnet?"

Zidane: "That's right... Isn't it pretty?"

Dagger: "It's beautiful..."

Zidane: "That gem used to be just another ordinary stone...The stone made a wish...'I want to shine!'The stone traveled from person to person, in keeping with its wish...And now, it's shining in your hand, Dagger. If you're willing to make an effort...You'll shine, too, someday!The day will come when Alexandria needs you! There's no rush. The important thing is to have the desire."

Dagger: "Thanks...I have to apologize for using you guys as an excuse to run away from my responsibilities..."

Zidane: "Hey, what's important is that you honestly want to stay with us..."

Dagger: "Zidane...? Can I borrow that knife again...?"

Zidane: "Which one?"

Dagger: "The one that helped me make my last big decision...
[Grabs his dagger and gives it a flip in the air] I'm borrowing this! Zidane... Remember the way I was...for me."

[Cue Important Haircut scene]

Amarant leaves the group at Ipsen's Castle

"Is this the old castle Hilda told us about? What a strange-looking place... Like it's upside down or something... Alright, I'll take 3 of you with me. The rest of you secure this spot."

Amarant: "...Hey, Zidane."

Zidane: "...? What's up, Amarant?"

Amarant: "I work alone. Always have, always will. I don't know why you bother carryin' dead weight all the time."

Zidane: "What's your point?"

Amarant: "I'm sayin' working alone beats working in a team any day, and I'm gonna prove it. Hilda said there's some key here to break the seal, am I right?"

Zidane: "Yeah."

Amarant: "Let's see who finds it first. I'll be going by myself, of course."

Steiner: "Amarant! You selfish, ignorant fool!"

Zidane: "Calm down, Rusty."

Steiner: "B-But...!"

Zidane: (What should I do?) "...Okay. I don't know what you're thinking, but if that's what you want, it's okay by me."

Amarant: "Well, aren't you an agreeable fellow? Well, see you later."

[Amarant leaves]

Freya: "...Are you sure about this, Zidane?"

Zidane: "What can I do? I can't change the way he thinks. Let's get going, everyone! We'll beat Amarant at his own game!"

[The party meets Amarant in the castle]

Amarant: "You're late, Zidane, and I'm the winner. See how much time you lose by working with others?"

Zidane: "...Have you figured out how to break the seal?"

Amarant: "Take a look at that wall. Maybe you can figure it out. But it's no longer my concern."

Zidane: "What do you mean?"

Amarant: "I proved myself right. I don't need to follow you around anymore. We may be enemies next time we meet...See ya." [Leaves]

Steiner: "How selfish! I can't believe him!"

Zidane: "...It's his way. We can't change him....Let's get going."

[Zidane rescues Amarant]

Amarant: "Zidane...? Why did you come back...?"

Zidane: "Amarant! What happened to you?"

Amarant: "Answer my question...I told you we might be enemies next time we met...Or did you come back to mock me?"

Zidane: "You say some strange things. The guys outside told me that you hadn't come out yet. That's why I came here looking for you."

Amarant: "We don't have anything to do with each other anymore... You don't have anything to gain from this. Or do you? I don't understand you. I don't understand the way you think..."

Zidane: "Who cares what I have to gain? You need help right now."

Amarant: "You don't care...? You're willing to put yourself at risk to save me?"

Zidane: "Come on. We've helped each other many times since we joined forces. You're a part of the team. That's all that matters. I don't know why I'm doing this, but I can't just walk away. It goes against my nature."

Amarant: "And that's what being part of the team means...?"

Zidane: "Isn't it? Come on, that's enough talk. Let's get outta here!"

[Later conversation with Amarant]

Amarant: "So we'll go to Shimmering Island, then to Terra?"

Zidane: "Yeah. It's near Esto Gaza. It won't take long."

Amarant: "...... Tell me something... What motivates you to do this?"

Zidane: "What motivates me...? I really don't know."

Amarant: "You don't even know why you do the things you do?"

Zidane: "I didn't say that. Maybe I do it because I don't know what motivates me. To understand something is interesting, but what's already understood is boring. I'm sure we'll understand something when we get to Shimmering Island and go to Terra." [Leaves]

Amarant: "I'm beginning to understand why he won and I lost...I lost against his way of thinking..."

[Journey to Terra]

Crew Member: "Mister Zidane! I'm showing abnormal readings!"

Erin: "It feels like the ship is getting sucked in!"

Steiner: "Zidane! It might be dangerous to keep going!"

Eiko: "Are we gonna bust in on the airship!?"

Zidane: "All we know is that this is the entrance..."

Dagger: "I heard the people of Esto Gaza call it the 'Spirit Road'..."

Zidane: "The path that leads souls to Terra..."

Dagger: "Maybe it's a teleportation gate, like the one in Kuja's hideout..."

Erin: "Mister Zidane! We're going to get sucked in! What shall I do!?"

Eiko: "What now, Zidane? We may not be able to turn back!"

Zidane: "Alright, then...Keep moving forward! We're going out on the deck!"

Eiko: "What do you mean?"

Zidane: "If Dagger is right, we can jump into the teleporter!"

Dagger: "From this height!?"

Zidane: "We'll be fine! Considering all that we've been through, this is nothing!"

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